LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Dear Sir, As. oa PROP TILL Tat resident of 12 years standing, [ should like te congratulate you on such a well prepared paper, of course there is room fer printing techniques to be improved as they leave a lot ta be desired (regarding the first four issues). Advertising eT tertainment is your weak point al present, for as a tourist paper there should . more Disco's, Restaurants, Hotels, Night clubs, and Benzouki places. supporting this new paper, and T feel your A¢ sin Department skacnale] pressure certain establishinents ically ta see othe benefits of sach il vertisings. Yours sincerely, A. Dallison, Nicosia Dear Sir, / [ was extremely in- terested ta read your article on George Cosmatog, as in 198 1 worked for his father of the Argosy Trading Cou., - another George Costia- fos. The young Ceorge, then still ut school used) te come into the office and one day while making “po- lite conversation’ “to ‘Tay boss's son [ asked himisybat he wanted to do when bg left school. Withou tion he Teplice voing to be af Needless watched oh great interest “Exodus” onwards, Good luck George! Not many people at such a young aoe ken acacthy: where they are going Sora Rricdwer. Avios Dheuneticrs, Nicosia. Dear Sir, What oa welcome suprise is “The Cypress Weekly”. having been travelling for several weeks, | missed the first few editions but having seen the latest one, I realise just how much this island needed something like that. A friend tells me you are determined to criticise those in authority when necessary, and have already done so. That is go- il news, since a paper withenwt Kennine in- dependence is littke more than a propoganda sheet. And we can cdo without that. But what ahout your future? For instance, will you he giving, us more British news and) sports? Can we expect acrassword puevle? And what about putting in the various flights toanel from Cyprus? That would really help hnsinesstiiet, l Ticnpe yon donot think Tou bem ungrateful 1 HSSUEPE? Vad Lam not, After all owhe weld) have dreamed Cypris wold ever Tuy fd such i big: TOWSpper A the best, Yours faithfully. M. Fullerton, Laraassel. Eid. See View poiut, Dear Sir, Why is it that) the Nicosia Municipality sends Out its annual aceounts For garbage collection entirely in Greek, while the Police Force collecting unpaid debts thanages to present its forms entirely in Eng- lish? Apparently, amongst the mucmy gar rverniment-Cy pice circulars sent to my home last your (which include of- fers oof new stamps, warnings about water shartages, etc, ete) was one requesting £6.000 for the garbage last yeur. Not understanding Greek writing, it went into the garbage can and those for whom the money should have boon destined, dutifilly carried it away! Now ] have had te pay 11.500, which inciacles a {4 fine imposed by the ho- cal court. The police officer bringing that information had it all in English, ane was prompthy paid, Now, Une all in favour af enterprise but. How sad the: original detnand could tot have had a warning in Enulish that it was a hill, not a cirewlar He wauld have meant thu Municipality received its money more quickhy, and I would Tawe saved £5,500, Yours faithfully, M.D, Niensin, s