WEEKLY VIEWPOINT Our posthag this week shows many readers are wondering what we have in store for them next, and the short answer is “Rlenty” However, as they say in Greck, “Siga, Sigua” which means “Slowly, slowly”, and the reason is sim- ple: we have to be certain we can walk, before breaking into a gallop, As some of you may have noticed (?), there have been a few typographical errors and even the aecasional picture caption appearing under the wrong photograph. To make matters worse, last week we described 11-year-old Kim Willis as a boy from Australia. Well, Kim happens to be a very at- tractive young lady from New Zealand, Sincere apologies. If excuses are in order, then suffice to say our teething problems stern from the hazards of produ- cing such a large newspaper in a foreign language with a staff which is almost entirely Cypriot ...... which means a hig credit is due to the girls in our printing department who speak hardly a word of English, let alone write it! Certainly, it is doubtful whether their British counterparts could do as well. But let us look at the future. Yes, we shall be hav- ing a crossword puvzle, increasing our British news coverage, and adding to the information local anel foreign businessmen need to have at their fingertips. Na, we have no plans to reduce the size of the newspaper on a permanent basis from the present 32 pages, but we are hoping to increase it onee the new machinery arrives. Yes, we shall be carrying much more news from the British Bases and the various United Nations camps. Yes, we do have some surprises in store, but we cannot reveal them, of course. And yes, we would like to hear more from you. keep the ideas coming in, send a letter to the Editor whenever you Feel like it, and don’t worry if your English is not brilliant since we can help out. Just remember, it is your newspaper, and if you are not happy with what you are getting, we shan't be either!