IRAE wir nawso wePAL.T MOTORING Oct, 26-Nav. 1, 1979 PAGE 13 With TAKIS EKARD FUTURE OF BRITISH LEYLAND HANGING IN The future of British Leyland, the giant car works, hangs in the balance this weekend as its employees vote “Yes” or “No” to a crucial re- dundancy plan. They musi decide whether the manage- ment's phim to make redundant 25,000 of the 150,000 work force should be allowed fo go ahead. A postal ballot is being conducted and the results should be known within the next few days. British Leyland, which manufactures Aus- tin, Morris, Rover, Jaguar, Land Rover, and Rianwe Rover models, is in severe economic trouble. Its chief, Sir Michael Eewardes, has warned that nat only is his company's future at stake, but the jobs of about 300.000 other workers comected witli telited industries supplying parts. “That represents an enorteus mumiber of furvilies.” une their future depends on how our employees Industrial clisputes have hit the company hard in re com weirs, qridl the reprufution that British Ley lira] eats ones enjoyed in Cypras has been badly damaged. Ferrari Opts Enzo Ferrari, the grand old boss of the famed racing team, has announced that Ferrari will field a turbo-propelled Formula One racer by next March. “It will enter the 1980 world races if the brand-new T-5 model has trouble in facing the strong challenge we expect from all riv- als,” Ferrari said. The hot-tempered chair nan of the Ferrari fiac- tory said there were too many Grand Prix races sche- thiled in the corning season and there was far too much commercial advertising in Fornmla One. “Tt is imaking the auto racine world look amore saul tore like a cireus.” he said, He theorized that top car makers might give ip the Formula One in future “if commercial advertis- ing becomes too procominant at the expense of toch- nical progress.” brie! accelerations. [hrw- ever. turbo is definitels better on courses on which peer can be develaped.” “We could turn to the World) Makers (ohiacapiun- shigy, {for prototypes ated sport cars) retarning it ta the splendotr af the past” Ferrari said. he: saicl Abend the brand-new Y-3 tractitional model, Per- idl it will lense anes chassis. anew brocky acl am depraved engine. Appearing in good ealth and spirits as he chatted with ao groupe of journalists, Ferrari siiel his technicians worked over the past LS mnths on three clifferert types of super- chargers to develop a LS0-ce, B-ovelinder burha THCET, labelled 126-C model. Ferrari announcer! TS sell debut in the Grind Pris of Argentina, the qpening Ferrari said that tests of the turbo engine were shevessful se far amd that it developed 50 more horse power, at 10,000 revs, than traditional engines, Better Ferrari said) turbine engines, already siecess- fully tested in Formula Que by France's Renault, “are the envines of the future hecanse of their reduced Dolbition ancl nese”. “Tradition! racers still cun be faster on tracks with Deliavs in wettisg wes curs has cheant motorists to ather prealucers vir vehicles, with the Japanese taking an ever: increasingly large share of a tharket once donasinatecd by the British fir In return for being al- Towed te streairdirw: the oompany Sir Michel luis protoised machen vehicle. wumniacturing techniques which wall rival the best in Europe, and result in newer todels arriving in the showrogt mich faster ua “Wie hawe tod the realities of life, Michael, “wid these cem- aul that urgent ane painful action cust be taken if we are to survive. hoe vip iin sith Se “AL the menient. we have too anany Factories producing tom many wehi- eles too inefficienth:. That is why the British Leyland event of the 1980 World Formuli One Champion- ship. Ferrari said T-5 was the result of technics! development fram the T-4 model, “the ugh, grand recer which gained us the World Tithe this vear” As to the decision of the makers association (POCA) to inercase from [6 to TA the number of Corwne) Pris Raawos nes ty eur, Ferrari said: “Tb is a eruty icles Won ci tlrivers cel ceed) Prom, Pammary te Sovernber, [tis alse cletri mental i technical chevel- oprrent oof racers wd te their preperation,” Ie said, mot have mecanies “Taha Grand Prix ranes scien are erianghe. sunt clefimitely against rec: tne after October and [will onky bow te ani hy the Lateran Cormniision.” The tweonew Grand Prix adcledl est ver are the Grand Pris of Mexien ack Las Viegas Fk for Turbo - Car be the ones to. lose their jobs, but it is a reeipas for survival in the 1960s. Sir Michael siad he was confident the majority of workers would be pre- a SIR MICHAEL: Not hol BALANCE r Se ding out o begging bowl board has decided some plants must close or be cut back, and about 25,0000 jobs nhusd go, pared to accept the redun- dancies. “We can only hape they still agree with us when it comes to filling aut the ballot paper.” “DTknow it's a tough de- cision for the workers to take, especi if they: anaey