FASHION Paris and London. like Milan earlier this month, have come out for shorter skirts. Before vou get out the seissers and tape-measure though, read on. The shorter hemline plus a whole lot of other trends (how about mirrored chainmail?) have very little to do with what we'll be wearing for the next six months, The fashion trade lives a rather contusing tite al- wavs aoseason ahead af the rest of us miartals with furs shown in the heat ef summer and swinger in froezing winter. Journalists who report on it all also get ciught up inthis upside-dewn warld aud are spousible for the sereuming headlines “The Mini is Back’ which gave most of us heart atticks last weeds. The skirts were shower at the hyiite conture collections for Spring-Sunimer 19st), The ready-to-wear man ulacturers view the ec centric clothes on the London and Paris ca- bvalks with a shrewd and businesslike eye ane in the encl they are the ones who wall decide what the ordinary wome first ig the geometric ull an inthe street willwear, orn. Ringa bell Reanene or be persmacdedto wear. ber the Muncrian syHres shorter Harlecwin In fact skirt lengths have beer creeping ip this seascn, (straiulit skirts can- not he worn at eal length) and ose kmeeleneth or ubowe wold he aw leical tlevelopaient for next sun mer. But how short is any body's guess, What is Paris actuals up te? There are feo re- peats from years past. The St. Laurent’s Harlequin look: black and white dissects the brief jacket and slim skirt of this tai- lored suit, The becolour theme is carried through to accessories. nairching up and dew dresses, coats ama jackeds 2 Well, they're hack in hat brilliant colours like pink. vellow, orange smc red. St Livront has bison verstn which is mostly black ane white which he calls the Harlecitin Look. THE LOOK FOR NEXT YEAR AND FOR NOW Taunebwe) ast faye with ur dow the sitles of Iakack suit shirts. For P80 he bisects ewers- thing into black and white dewn toone white glove, one Blick. anne white eer ring, one bhuck ane pix colour hills cel hats, St. Wanreneé the Fk: Other desiumers hive picked up the theme with reverse patterns bisecting dresses. suits anil eats, Ceometric EPs tol onl patterns which are geometric, the clothes themselves are ent at angles, Hems slant alar tingly: dewn one calf while rising thigh-hich on the other leg. there are blouses with one shoulder bure, pointed skirts wrupped over Kuee-leneth fight trousers, Gaston Jaunet showed pastel poplin suits with short skirts but jackets ina variety of lengths, some belted safuri-styte (always a winner}, Sweaters continues! the hi-colowr theme with two slubs of colour, fariuht rellaw with sharp royal blae, for instunee. There were jurip-siiits in fine towelling im arya bhie. pritnrose and Fuse gereed a the tremasers WOoTE short, frome feo te three inches above the ankle, ta berraraclis Some wide shonlders survived fran the winter collection, mostly on tuugh cotton blaers and pul lovers worn with Colbie shorts. The other repeat. the udni-feneth Teshirt dl sats presentect qaasthy fe shaw ow with the Them “lemifigns brow sige tee siche a Book to Pront To be worn now. Philippe Salvet's three-piece tor Autumn-Winter 1979 has a bias-cut 1940's jacket lined in fur, straight skirt slit at the front and an angora top. Quilting and frogging on jacket and skirt complete the outtit, BEAUTY NOTEBOOK Shopping around for beauty products. is rather like shopping around for clothes, you just keep looking until you find the right thing to suit your particular needs, TE you need to revitul: ise your skin Elizabeth Arden has severu! products which could be the answer. Thete are bweo New Generation Face Masks for that extra vital glow. ‘The Moisturising Orange Mask is based on the extract of oranges and contains spe- cial moisturising oils, The Cleansing Cucumber Mask with natural cucumber ex- tract and fast penetrating biological ingredients sti- tulates circulation and is particlarly good for com- plexions that tend to look dull or sallow. TF you can't he bath- ered with masks and clean- sers Arden have an all-in- one Multiple Action Cleansing cream from their Skin Dynan series. it has the same effect as y ftask but is easier to apply anid cun be ised Foren ee weticns wlio shin hy been neglected and leaks shiuugisli. It etves gt hegiltly Dau kira rosy after-glow: jus it clarifies anc! refines thy skin. For problem skins, there is New Coverblend which bleneds ia with mar nial take-up to cffectively cover hlemishes, spats and shadows under the eyes, Germaine Monteil have a new Super Sensitive skin-care range free of per: furnes and colourings which is formulated espo- cially for dry, fine skins bat is excellent for normal ane sensitive skins too. There is a choice of milky cleanser and a cleansing soap that smells like milk chocolate and has a pH factor similar to theskin’s. Thecleanseris removed after a few min- utes with a oclear toner which is non-alechotie and contains soothing extracts of comflower and black- berry. There are abso te Inoisturising creams, a chive ame wight cream and a fous task. Lancome's new throat cree Progres pour le Cou is light and non-grons ‘atte contains ingredients ike glycerol sterate specially: chosen for their regenera tive effects on the skin en- couraging the intake of oxygen by the cells from the capillaries (a process that becomes less efficient after 35) and prevents lows af elasticity. Rubinstein have just brought out an in- movative anti-wrinkle Eye Masque and Face Masque ii their Existence range for skin over 50. The eye mask is Tormulated to treat the unique physiological eon- ditions of skin around the eves where there is little natural lubrication, Re- duees pulFines Helena