PACE 6 F LE /, Yj Yj WM Master Plan for Nicosia Thier SIarvcer ast NN Nhr Dallas Dirsiiett met dist ish) Cl pardal Whinei, ait this f toliscims a Mbusber Plies cnet weit their basgoerts. tein the t ship out Miro KP Data. Hesidhent Hagsresin talivesol (lie WON Develop peat Prowraniie atel cugrece that there slowed he “close coaporalion he- feccen the bwo stiches for the purpose cb esa inine unel finally reaching conelu sions for a Master Plan.” There will le amare meet inws anda Plahitat expert svill come ta Cyprus to help in the preparation of the project. Mr Demetriades ane Mr. Akinci h alread agreed on the implementa- tion of a point sewage sys- tem toovover both sickes af the dividec cuupital. KYPRIANOU SPEAKS ABOUT FEDERATION President Kypriane has said his government ae cepts Ferleration as a solu tion to the Cyprus problem but stressed that this sheulel be “real federation. net partition in disguise”. He |saicl in such a federal svs tem, the ‘Turkish Cypriets fust as the Greek Owpricts, wouldeenjoy “a great cle wee of autonomy Mr Kyprianou was speaking to wore clele- autes from A) comndries who called on him at the end oof their week-long conference in Nicosia. Clef, 260-Now. - The Mayor of counterpart Mir Mustafa A inci with their technical experts mecting at the Ledra Palace under the chairmanship of Mr K.P, Dalal, UNDP Representative in Cyprus. Protest over Maronites The Cyprus govern ment has bodged a “nest emphatic protest” with the UN Secretan-Coneral ever “provecations” hy ‘Vurks against the Maronite population of the village of Kormakitis in the Kyrenia district, The various aspects of adapting to life in Cyprus for newcomers was the subject of aspecial panel of discussion orgenised by the Ladies” Culd of St. Paul's Anglican Church in Nicosia. The Panel, seen above, ox mixistedd of (i- r) Mis. Margaret Rhodes, Mrs. Anne Stone, Mrs. Mary Litchfield, Mrs. Christa Pelekanent ancl Mrs, Patricia Stavro. ITD Vit reo eee Mr Jos Zo —— oph adjijaseph, acting Director-General of a PFs CAC, speaking at the opening of a serinar on journalism at the PIO. New Problem over Mail The Turkish Cypriots have informed the Red Cross that they will not al- low the dispacth of parcels and letters from Greek Cypriots living in the north to their relatives in the south unless they bear stumps of the so-called “Turkish Federated State of Cyprus”. This is seen asa reaction to the recent deci- sion of the Universal Postal Union to declare the Tur- kish Cypriot stamps illegal and nail and weoiel, The Cypris govern tun is taking, protests in various directions, cleserih- ing the Turkish move as a vindictive act intended to force the remaining few hundred Greek Cypriots in the north to | their hetnes atid ruewe south. A Turkish Cypriot spokesman said the right of the Greek Cypriots to sen Inail without sturips was a “privilege which is now be- ing: withetraan”, JOURNALISM SEMINAR A three-week simi. con jounmalism opened at the amphitheatre of the Public: Information Offier, orga- nised by the Thompson Foundation and sponsored by the Cyprus Journalists Union, CBC and the PIC. Speaking at the open- ing session, the Minister to the President, Mr. P. Mi- chaclides, said the govern- ment wis ready to take mensures to improve the status and social benefits of Cypriot journalists. It was with this in mind that the government was Taw in the process of amending the Press Lavw, le saicl Tle asa) anne that the government was considering the establish- ment of a Press Council, ways of safeguarding the journalistic professsion and more Facilities and benefits te journalists. The lectures are being given by Mr. Don Row- lands, already very well- known among Cypriat journalists from previous visits, and Mr. Barrie Hard- ing, a training consultant with the Thompson Feun- dation.