CATTLE UP™ PIGS DOWN Cyprus hac) tw caillion chickens and about half a million sheep and goats last year, according to the annual report of the Ministry of Agriculture. There were 20,00) head of cattle (up 13 per cent inoer 77) while the pig population dropped hy eight per cont te: L641) because anurber of small units went out of bu- SaTH ss. , Meat production reached! 30,800 tons (14.7 per cent up) while milk production rose by 13.3 per cent to 60,000 tons. The report describes 1978 as “a satisfactory agricultu- ral vear”. “Total gross agricultural production reached C444 ruillion, about bve per cent higher than in 1977. Both the quantity and quality of crops were satisfae- tory. Barley yields reached! 67,000 tons, grapes 140,00) tors anc olives LO.900 tons, _— But the report says agricultural exports dropped to (42 aillion (from £5) m,} even though they still represent- ed per cent of total domestic exports, The report also outlines progress in implementing the various irrigation projects. The most important of these, at Paphos, will be completed in TSS) ancl aims at provicling water For the irrigation of seme 30.000 donums of land.