“Turks refuse to distribute mail” The Turkish Cypriot oe the statemen administration has re- fused to distribute letters The - Directo sent by Turkish Cypriots General of the F living in the south to their Ministry Mr George p relatives In the north, the laghias called in Mr . government says. Gorge, deputy Speci An official statement Representative of the UN says the letters were de- Secretary-General, ang livered to the U N peace- made repres =e He asked that the UN _ keeping Force which h “conveyed them to the should intervene “io Turkish side for distribu- an end to this flagrant vio. lation of the fundamenta! tion. human rights of the T But the Turkish kish Cypriots”. ur Cypriot administration The stat ‘ ement Says retused © and returned th them to UNFICYP “with- di teeael of the Tur. outany explanation orex- Cypriot leaders is to cuse”. There were signs iene Turkish Cypriots that the letters had been ving in the government opened before being re- nile areas to move | arp t