THE CYPRUS WEEKLY MOTORING Now. 2-8, 1979 PAGE 27 With TAKIS EKARD AUTOCROSS: Even | enjoyed it! Personally, I'm a four-wheeler man. | hate riding on motor - bikes, steer well clear of them on the road, and have to confess | once bought a 125¢.c scooter and sold it after only 23 miles of - use because | couldn't drive it! (I used to do a lot of rally driving with all that entails, but never ma- naged to work out which lever to squeeze or pedal ly.) However, never let it be sald | am biased on this page, and to prove itl went to watch the Autocross on the outskirts of Nicosia last weekend. What a great spectator-sport it is, and extremely popular too Judging by the hundreds of people who turned up. | assume that some- where along the day a great deal of work goes Into the organization of events such as this, but you'll have to excuse the lack of names because if f— programmes were avall- able, | could not find one. One man was impos- sible to miss though. Pan- to push on a two - wheeler, and fell off constant- ikos Savva is the Autocross Champion of Cyprus and to watch him in action Is a real plea- sure. Like a professional water -skier who defies the waves and appears to dare them to topple him, Savva shows he Is in full command of his bike. How else could he leap ten feet into the alr, anda split second after landing, casually lift a hand to ad- just his helmet? He won his event, of course. Indeed, he even held back for the first few laps (having started last, as well) just to give the large crowd an extra thrill. Unfortunately, he shows himself to be so su- perlor to the other Hanging on with difficulty. competitors that he lacks any real challenger. But there are plenty of up - and- coming young men who proved on Sunday that they have the know- how and, once they gain more experience, will solve that problem. The other thing lack- ing was a little water on the track. Yes, | know that sounds a bit mean, but one good downpour (fol- lowed, preferably, by sunshine for the actual event) really turns the route into an exciting mudbath! So, even as a four- wheeler fan, let me rec- ommend you to go to one of these Autocross meet- ings if you can. | promise you, the time will not be wasted. ae Panikos Savva qt