FASHION Nov. 2-8, 1979 With LANA MATOFF CASUAL, CO-ORDINATED LOOK FOR MEN Jockey International shows winter designs at Nicosia preview The word casual as applied to men’s clothes once meant baggy corduroy trousers and shape- less sweaters. No moret When Jockey Interna- tional presented their Winter collection at a press preview in Nicosia this week the look was not just casual, it was elegantly casual, streamlined casu- al, one might even say. The clothes ranging from shirts and sweaters to ski-ing outfits and tailored suits moved with the body, looked comfortable to wear and were extremely elegant. : Sportswear and leisurewear are the main Jockey lines (including, of course, underwear, in which they seem to have cornered the market) but just as a woman can get away with well-cut wih separates for any occasion men too, could wear a : these clothes practically anywhere and there is a range of suits for more formal occasions. Stavros wears a honey- coloured cardigan with suede inserts and match- ing trousers. There are three good reasons which make these clothes so wear- able. First, the excellent cut of trousers, shirts and jackets secondly, the concentration on detail, especially in the knitwear - where a pattern or stripe is not used with gay aban- don but in just the right amount in just the right place and last, but cer- tainly not least, the colour co-ordination. This is car- ried right through from outfit to outfit so that shirt and trousers, or shirt, jacket and trousers, or sweater, trousers and shirt all match perfectly. The' result is a pleasure to see.- The co-ordinated look was particularly evi- dent in a series of outfits . with reversible jackets as the main feature. Plain beige trousers were worn with a beige zip-up jacket with a beige-red-yellow . checked shirt. The plain jacket was then reversed to show its checked side in the same pattern and colour combination as the shirt. Slim-cut corduroy trousers were modelled with a plaid jacket which then reversed to a plain, matching corduroy. The combinations seemed endless. ‘ The main colours were the subdued but subtle shades which always look good: sage green, slate blue, beige, nut-brown and a medium grey, highlighted by a dis- creet use of red, orange and yellow. Since this was a win- ter collection knitwear was very much to the fore. Sweaters, with crew- necks or V-necks were rarely plain, there was either a fair isle pattern on the front or stripes run- ning up the sleeves and across the yoke, and a very attractive V-neck sweater had a textured _ Stripe effect in blue and grey. The classic Intarsia pattern of medium and dark squares on a light background was also there. Under sweaters and jackets there were gener- ousty cut wool shirts which should be a boon to all men who aren't teen- age slim. A welcome fash- ion trend it eliminates the straining-at-the- buttons look which went with the fitted slim-line shirts of seasons past. The sportswear in- cluded knitted jackets with suede inserts, matching sweaters and zipped cardigans and a magnificent ski-ing outfit in red with a space-age look. There were also afew glimpses of summer sportswear, shorts and tops, fine towelling beach robes, basket-ball vests which looked just as good on Yasminka, the female model as they did on male models Doros and Stav- ros. In fact many of the clothes would suit women in these unisex times. The look on the whole was international and this is not surprising since clothes under the Jockey label are now manufactured in thirty four countries under li- cence: the Middle East, which is serviced by a dis- tribution centre in Cy- prus, has access to the products from twelve of these countries, and the styles shown ranged from the British look of Lyle and Scatt to the unmis- takeable Italian cut. Doros modeis a reversible sports Jacket teamed with a Fully co-ordinated look from Jockey interna- tional in slate biue The press preview, presented in a smooth and original manner came at the end of a suc- cessful conference at- tended by delegates from eleven European and Middle Eastern countries. Besides being the distribution centre for the Middle East, Cyprus is going to play an even more important roleinthe Jockey organisation in the future, due mainly to the efforts of their Middle East Manager, Mr. John Mihranian. His plans in- clude expansion of the present Cyprus-based plant to include the pro- duction of suede gar- ments for the Jockey range some time in 1980, as weil as a contract for manufacturing towelling items. This is good news not only for the commercial sector but for the public which will have the op- portunity to see brand new items on the island at the same time as they ap- pear in other world mar- kets. A wide range of items from the winter collection shown at the press pre- view is available in Cy- prus &t the Timinis menswear shops throu- ghout the island. Prices may not be cheap but there is a lot of mileage to these garments and, un- like women's fashions, there is little likelihood of them being thrown out because they are “no longer in”. 6 es checked natural wool shirt and slim-line trousers.