not be tolerated. Denktash: bizonal solution Turkish Cypriot lead- er Mr Rauf Denktash criti- cised Mr Alecos Michaelides’ speech and remarked: “There are people who describe Mr Michaelides as more moderate and realistic than Mr Kyprianou. Butin fact, what Mr Michaelides has been saying to the Greek Cypriot communi- ty is completely different from what he has been saying to diplomats be- hind closed doors”. Commenting on pos- sible action at the United Nations, the Turkish Cyp- riot Leader said: “Cur- rently existing differences between the two communities will only be.made worse by any ac- tion which does not take into consideration the ex- istence of the Turkish Cypriot community in Cy- prus with its rights and status. Work harder, President tells civil servants President Kyprianou has told civil servants that they should work harder and that any siack- ening especially in the present circumstances will Addressing a meet- ing of top civil servants at the Presidential Palacehe said: “We want more pro- duction. There shouldn't be any delays either inthe carrying out of projects or in handling applications or queries from the pu- ‘blic... Something must be done to deal with the slackening observed re- cently. We must give the appearance of a civil ser- vice totally devoted to its work”. . Department chiefs should hold investiga- tions and impose “sanc- tions” wherever there were cases of “unjustified delays”. The President called for more descipline and devotion to duty and said: “The civil servants must devote themseives entire- ly to their work and stop any attempt to take a sec- ond job. “If the post they hold is not remunerative e- nough, they ‘can quit and take up a job of their choice”. PAGE 6 Nov. 2-8, 1979 A : ved Turkish Cypriots and oth- er Moslems living In government-controlled areas visited the Um Har- am Tekke (Mosque) near the Larhaca Sake early on Wednesday to celebrate Kurban Bairam, the Mos- lem Feast. Trade Pact with Hungary The Minister of Com- merce and. Industry Mr Andreas Papageorghiou returned from Budapest where he signed a new. trade agreement between Cyprus and Hungary. He said the new pact provided for payments In freely convertibie curren- cy and replaced the clear- ing type agreement in force since 1962. The conclusion of this deal completes the round of similar agree- ments with other coun- tries of the socialist bloc, the Minister said. Mexican ambassador presents credentials The new Mexican Ambassador, Mr Victor Manuel Rodriguez Gar- cia, presented his creden- tials to President Kyprianou at a formal ceremony at the Presid- ential Palace. The Mexican envoy 4 disclosed that a cuitural agreement is in the pro- cess of negotiation be- tween the two countries. He said this was due in part “to the great impres- sion” that Cyprus, her. people and her culture made on Mrs Carmen Lo- pez Portillio, wife of the Mexican President during her brief visit to Cyprus last spring. President Kyprianou referred to the consequ- ences of the invasion and to the “agony and drama” of the missing persons and said Cyprus’s new re- course to the UN aimed at securing “more practical steps and means in order to promote the implemen- tation of the United Na- tions resolutions”. He added: It is diffi- cult and too early to make a forecast but !.am optim- istic that we shall be able to get something con- crete out of tha General Assembly this year”. Mr. Kyprianou charged. TE ~~ Turkey wanted thretsiand’s parti- tion. THE CYPRUS WEEKry 4 The new Mexican ambassador Mr Victor Manuel Rodrt- guez Garcia presenting his credentials to President Kyprianou, in the presence of Mr Andreas Patsalides, who was then acting Forelgn- Minister. Chances of sanctions “slim” - Michaelides The President of the House of Representa- tives, Mr Alecos Michaelides, has said that the chances of Cyprus getting UN sanctions against Turkey at the General Assembly this year are slim. UN debate later this month. He suggested, however, it should mainly try to get agreement on the appointment of a UN fact-finding committee on Cyprus, with the task 4 of “supervising” imple mentation of the UN reso- lutions. Speaking at a meet- ing of the Famagusta Ro- tary Club in Limassol, Mr Michaelides said normal- ly, since five years had elapsed since the Turkish invasion and Turkey con- tinued to ignore UN reso- lutions, the world body should proceed with H id the @ sanctions under Chapter je said the govern- Vit. ree oe also yee sa oO “But unfortunately, e promotion ~ viet proposal for thecon- vening of an international conference on Cyprus though he admitted that there were difficulties. “Such a coriference would be a positive devel- opment and an important pressure fever”, he said. the chances of imposing sanctions this year are very small--some may say non-existent”. Mr Michaelides said that Cyprus would ne- vertheless raise the ques- tion of sanctions at the