' The Austrian Prince who so flagrantly flouted the law by dealing In stolen antiquities worth countless thousands of pounds has been punished. And there must be a lot of criminals in jails, both here and abroad, who wish they could have escaped as lightly as he has done! . - For not only was this top United Nations official al- lowed to leave the island immediately after police raided his Nicosia home and found the art treasures under beds and in cupboards, but now the U.N. Secre- tary General has decided his dispicable acts warrant only a rap over the knuckies and early retirement. Of course, Prince Alfred Zur Lippe loses a bit of money, but if only a fraction of what his deals are sup- posed to have earned him is accurate, he is not likely to be joining the dole queue. The fact is that his guilt has been established bey- ond ali reasonable doubt, both by the United Nations and the Cyprus Government. He has brought shame to an organisation (the High Commission for Refugees) which he represented here, insulted the Cypriot refu- gees whose welfare he was supposed to be looking af- ter, and cast suspicion on all diplomats and U.N. personnel who are allowed to cross freely into the oc- cupied north. What, one wonders, would have happened had the Prince been a Pauper ? Would a poor man have es- caped so easily, or would he now be languishing in prison knowing freedom lay many years away ? And is this the end of the whole sorry matter? Has the investigation launched jointly by the Government and the U.N. been closed by the Secretary General Waldheim’s wrist-slapping action? Certainly there ap- pears to have been asharp attack of silence on the sub- ject. But there are questions which demand answers. For instance, is it suggested that only the ignoble Prince was involved in this scandal ? Did he alone ma- nage to collect and hoard what took three police trucks to carry away ? Or were others working with him too ? The Cypriot people have suffered a lot in recent Years. The Prince’s dirty doings have added to their ‘pains. They deserve nothing less than a full explana- tion of what happened, and we hope they are going to it. . get