PAGE 30 OMONIA THE GREAT CYPRIOT FOOTBALL’S S “FINEST-HOUR”™ What a match! Omonia, having suffered a humili- ating 10-0 defeat when they met Ajax in Amsterdam, turned the tables this week by winning 4-0. It was unbelievable. The spectators had turned up on a wet night at Nicosia’s Makarion Stadium expect- ing to see part two of a soccer massacre in which the top European team tramples all over the lowly Cypri- Nov. 9-15, 1979 ots. No way. Ajax was soundly beaten by a team which out- classed it thorougly deserved to win. Omonia never gave up. Not until the final whistle ( which was al- most impossible to hear for the cheers of the record crowd) did they allow Ajax any breathing space. It was magic to watch. Again and again, the visitors tried slowing down the pace in order to pu!l them- selves together. Omo- nia did not give them the chance though. They chased every ball, kept thelr cool, and did not allow them- selves to be de- pressed by memories of Amsterdam. The local Greek- language newspapers described the event as Cypriot football's fin- est hour, and how right they were for Ajax isno second-rate team. It's one of, the best In the wortd. The history books put it allin perspective, showing that the last time Ajax took such a beating in a similar match was back in 1958 when the score was 4-0 in favour of Va- zas of Hungary. Disbellet Imagine the scene , after only 10 minutes when Sotiris Tsikkos slammed in the first goal. The crowd went ‘quiet for a split second as they watched In ut- ter disbelief, and then went wild. Five minute tater, it happened again. This thme it was Phillppos — Demetriou. Stil one expected Ajax to get organised the realities of their su- periority bound to show eventually. But they were simply’ not capable. Omonla pushed the score to 3-0 through Soliris Kaya- fas before half-time, and the thousands of a team which played brilliantly and, In every way, spectators took a break fo get over their su- prise. Unforgettable In the dressing room the Omonla ma- nagement cheered the | players and warned them not to become over - contident. Down the corridor, the Ajax management had strong words for their players and brought in “a second substitute. At add moments In the second half they did look better, but Omonia was in no mood to surrender. And to add to their hu- millation, Ajax suffered another setback In the Sth minute when Kay- afas pushed home his second. On aggregate, Ajax wins 10-4 but they left Cyprus after anight they would Ike to for- ow. and one which prus never will. Aja xace e defenderVan Dord tries Invainte atop a powerful shot from Omonia's golden-boy Kayatas. Dutch goalkeeper Schrijvers can be seen Just outside the goal poat. A jubilant Telkkos, the Omonia half who opened the score for his side against Ajax of Amsterdam, gives Kayatas a bear hug at the end of the brilliant game. The Nicosla team trounced thelr Dutch opponents 4-0. To the left of the pic- ture are Omonis’'s Peteas and Kanaris. A lense moment inthe magniiant game Orono Nicosia played sgsina centre-haill Kontogeo: Amsterdam's Ajax last Wednesday. Here tghie teckies three of Ajax's players (I to r) Schoenaker, Pen and Jensen.