LETTERS TO Dear Compilers, On this your fourth (or i it filth 2) issue of the Cyprus Weekly | have decided that [ must for once write a let- ter to a newspaper [T have threatened to for years |) After many years af sharing breakfast (a cup of coffe} with the Mirror, Express, Telegraph or Sun I came to spend almost 10 years in Cyprus without that comfort, apart from a few short spells back on Il kley Moor or thereabcuts, reading anything and ever- ything ! Suddenly [T arrived and now once more I can look forward at least once a week to something read- ableand informative] I dic not even know there was an airfield at Lakatamia until this week's issue and I live only 4 1/2 miles away 1. 1 haven't managed to read even one issue completely fram cover to cover yet so your claim of being a paper ef the whole week is valid—at least for me. Only one complaint so fur—I] went to a cinema a few miles from our house tose a film that you had ach ertisecl only to find that the tulus had played the pre- vious week | Oh] Well -we all make mistakes. I could go on longer but | am sure that you have al- ready more than enough to fill your columns and pages. Perhaps when you touc on subjects thar I have beefs about we shall be in. touch again. I already think of you as friencls. Sincerely, Angela Aloneftis.. Nicosia. PS. I now have to find a NON air-mail envelope - I never wrote to anyone I Cyprus | ‘ MMMM MM eM Oe THE © EDITOR The Publishers Cyprus Weekly, am pleased to in- form you that the sales of the CYPRUS WEEKLY (issue No. 5) atour shop in Limassol reached a record, Congratulations. it was the highest sales figure of a single new- spaper, either daily or weekly. We wish you even higher sales in fu- ture. We shall certainly do our best towards that end. Yours Kyriakos P. Kyriakou wenn g rector, K.P.Kyriakou (Books & Stationery) Lid Ed: Thank you. And we hope to hit new records soon. =