FASHION MAKE- UP: Return of the Bold Eye and Dramatic Mouth After years in limbo eye-liner is back! This one factisa good | enough indicator of make-up trends this season. The natural look Is fading away, the ‘bare’ eye is no more, everything has a definite shape with most emphasis on well delineated eyes and strongly shaped mouths. Bold eye-make-up hasn't been around for near- ly a decade now, ever since women (and trendsct- ters, reacted to the heavy black lines, white eye- shadow and lines and pattems on the eyelid of the 1960's. Techniques will have to be learnt anew and quite a few women might decide toignore it all after remembering the time spent outlining eyes, squin- ting the while in to a magnifying mirror. But the beauty trade has not been static in the past ten years, there have been great developments in all fields, especially in the design of various appli- cators, whether for eye- liner, shadow or lipstick. Smooth Eye-liners now come in light fluids that don't clog and have their own fine-tipped applicators which ensure a smooth, fine line in one stroke. There are also brush-on creams which give a nar- row line close to the upper eyelashes or just under the lower lid. Kohl can be used as an eyeliner and now comes in various dark co- lours besides black. Eye-shadows are on the dark side, purple, olive green, light brown -and dark grey. The effect is not heavy because most shad- ows have a_ translucent sheen to them for a strong frosted ook in the evening or a more delicately lumin- ous one for daytime. There is also a range of smoky co- ours, pinkish-aubergine, silver grey, sea blue and velvety brown which are perfect for lighter eyes. Green on the whole is not the bright colour it was this summer but a deeper, more subtle shade. Curly lashes Deeper eye colours re- BPVVVVNLN VAS ENATA ES quire a bolder definition of the eyelashes. Several coats of mascara (in black, deep blue or brown) should be applied to the lashes and the result should look like a soft, thick fringe. Lashes are curly and to- gether with smoky shad- ow and clear lmer eyes acquire a starry look. -A . word of warning though, a heavy hand with either lin- er or shadow and you'll be going round with a perma- nently amazed look instead of a romantic one. Lips have to be dra- matic to balance brilliant eyes. Calours have evolved from the clear shades of summier into richer, fruitier tones, Pinks are raspberry or veering to fuschia and if you feel brave enongh you can try the purple tones. There are also clear, bright | Ancient Greec reds and some new blue- reds which look good dur- ing the day but need watching at night, especial- ly around fluorescent lighting. Pale skins Skin is pale and trans- lucent with ‘shine’ added to many of the face-powders around. This is only the base for highlights which are absolutely essential on the cheekbones. Blushers (rouge is one thing which has definitely not returned) come as powders, creams and sticks. They should match the general shade of the lipstick, but not neces- sarily be an exact copy. Gold and bronze can be used for the evening to give an irridescent look. As far as make-up goes this season is a good time to experiment and discover what suits you best. For a really ‘sophisticated look you'll have to be a bit of an artist, shading in here, em- phasising there, adding more glitter, blotting out surplus. A steady hand, good products and there could be a confident new you this winter. nightdress: Inspired by the clothes of Ancient Greece the designers of the Kayser collection of nightwear for Autumn 1979 have produced an elegant but unusual nightdress. It is aone piece loop of soft nylon gathered into narrow shoulder straps. It hangs loosely to knee legth with thigh- level slits on thy outside leg. Available in black or white, it is fully wash- able and drip dry. inspires BLACK FOR SPRING AS WELL Black for evening Isn’t going to be just a one-season phenomenon. The little black dress has been featured widely in the Spring 1980 ready-to-wear collections In London. These two dresses in polyester jersey come from the John Charles Spring Collection shown recently. The dress on the left has a softly gathered bodice, its yoke and full sleeves are In sheer georgette. The style on the right has a plunging neckline and is enhanced by the lace sleeves and back. :