EXPORTS TO U.K. ARAB COUNTRIES ON THE INCREASE: Cyprus exports rose to £107.6 million during the first eight months of this year, as against £86.1 m. during the same period last year. Imports also went up -- from £185. 8, to £220.9 m. Figures for August alone, as published in the latest monthly statistical® report, show exports at £12.3 m and imports more pa double, at £30.6 mil- ion. - The report shows that Cyprus domestic exports to the U.K went up considera- bly this year. During the January-August period, they reached nearly £30 m, { £22.7 m. last year) while imports from the U.K. during the same period dropped from £41.3m. to . £38.6 m. EEC trade The EEC continued to be the biggest trading group. Imports. from Com- mon Market countries stood at nearly £107m. ( £95.7m.) while exports rose from £27.1m. to £37m. But domestic exports to Arab countries have already exceeded those to EEC countries. They jump- ed from £32.5m. to 37.5m., (with re-exports the amount went up to _£46.4m.) even though Imports from Iraq reached £14.5 m. ( £10.1 m.) Saudi Arabia and Syria were the biggest Importers of Cyprus pro- ducts ( £7.7 m. and £65 m. respectively) followed by Libya ( £4.4 m.) Leba- non ( £4.3 m.) and Kuwait ( £3.9 m.) The Eastern bloc coun- tries absorbed only £5.7m. worth of Cyprus products, while they sold to Sypris goods worth 6.5m