Cyprus - Arab trade : a useful guide A book to tell one everything about Cyprus- Arab trade has just been published. It is called “Cyprus-Arab Market” and has been compiled by Mr Andreas E. lacovides of Nicosia. In a foreword, the Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mr Andreas Papageorghiou, says the Arab countries absorb “a substantial part” of Cy- prus exports, mainly manufactured products and it is expected that these markets will expand considerably in the fu- ‘ture, as a result of the de- velopment of new industries “coupled with our ability to offer high quality goods at competi- tive prices”. Mr A. Mavrogenis, Commercial Officer atthe ‘Ministry, says in another article that Cyprus ex- ports to Arab countries last year reached 170 m. dollars, representing 47 * per cent of total exports. The Arab market de- finitely leads the way with regard to Cyprus industri- al products. Most import- ant of these are cement, clothing, footwear, cigar- ettes, building materials and machinery, packag- ing materials, buses and trucks, plastic products, water pumps - and cosmetics. Main markets The main outlets of these Cyprus exports are: Lebanon, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Libya, Kuwait, Iraq, Dubai, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Egypt, Jor- dan and Abu Dhabi. Other factors that help are the short dis- _ tance between the island and the Arab markets, and “the prevailing frien- dly relations of Cyprus with the Arab countries and the understanding of the mentality of ia sides”. He says impartent Cyprus manufactured goods such as clothing and footwear are sent by air at low specific com- modity rates. He makes . special mention of the fact that Cyprus Airways are operating special car- go flights to Arab coun- tries for this. purpose.