More than £100,000 worth of shares changed hands during the Stock Exchange meeting that took place at the Hilton Hotel in Nicosia last week. Mr Luis Clappas, head of one of three bro- kerage firms involved in the transactions, told the Cyprus Weekly: “We can say that a ‘mini’ Stock Exchange is now Operating in Cyprus. “We will continue to _ operate at regular in- ‘tervals, under the au- Spices of the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry”. The. other two firms are those of Messrs Marios Colokassides and Glafkos Psyllakis. Some 300 people at- tended and participated in the meeting which lasted about two hours. Speaking at the meet- ing, the new President of the Chamber of Commerce, Mr Andreas~ Avraamides, repercussions attached to the establish- ment of a Stock Exchange in Cyprus and said this would have ‘favourable on all. aspects of economic life in the island. . Transactions “The market deve- loped satisfactorily with “extensive transactions in the shares of various com- panies”, Mr Clappas said. Particular interest was shown by investors in _ the Vassiliko Cement Com- pany Ltd, the shares of which reached £7.500 each, up 40 per cent on their previous market value. The shares of the Bank of Cyprus, the Popular Bank, - the Cyprus Cement Co. and Kermia Co. Ltd. also were in great demand. _ When the meeting closed, “there were more buyers. than. sellers’ of stressed the importance shares”.