Nov. 9-15, 1979 THE CYPRUS WEEKLY — CAUGHT BY THE CAMERA The brilliant perfor mance of Soviet gold-#m medalist Olga Shegoleva (above left) was sheer poe- try in motion that charmed all those who were lucky e- nough to see her during the -pertormances of the “Days of Ukraine” national folk and dance ensemble. Last night they gave their last performance at Dherynia, within sight of the Attila line—the demar- kation of the northern part of the Island now held by Turkey’s occupation for- ces. There were tears in the eyes of many of them as Greek Cypriot refugees threw flowers onto the stage. The Soviet artists left for home today. At right is another So- viet goid medalist, Ludmil- la Berezhnaya, in one of the most spectacular moments of her gymnastic perfor- mance to support the Ukra- nian group. In sharp contrast to the lilting melodies of the ” balalaikas were the fiery - dances of the men as seen in the picture above.