aT aa ee LS solidarity Committee plans tour by boat A Mediterranean cruise tour is among future moves planned by the International Solidarity Conference to demonstrate support for the Cyprus cause. This was decided at the close of the three-day “International Con- ference of Solidarity with Cyprus” held in Nicosia. Refugees to get back their deposits A meeting at the Pre- sidential Palace decided on a new scheme for the reimbursement to refu- gees of deposits they had with cooperative banks at villages which are now in the Turkish-held region. President Kyprianou, who chaired the meeting, said the government wanted a definite and speedy solution to this problem and gave in- structions to a committee of ministers to deal with the matter promptly. The new scheme will be worked out in cooper- ation with the Coopera- tive Movement. The deposits left by the refu- gees are estimated at £20 million. The payments will be done by stages. ue eo i ~- o “ he The Minister of Communications Mr Marios Eliades (second from rt The approved “action plan” for the coming months in- cludes “a tour of the Mediterranean by boat, with stops at the main ports where meetings and rallies in support of Cyprus and of peace and security in the Mediterranean region will be held”. Another move planned is a meeting of “intellectuals and artists from different countries who would discuss the ways. they can use their different flelds of interest and their influ- ence, in mobilising world public opinion and creating greater awareness of the Cyprus problem. Sanctions sought In one of its many declarations and messages, the confar- ance appealed to the UN Genera! Assembly, which is to de- bate Cyprus in the coming week, to impose “economic sanctions upon Turkey, coupled with an arms embargo so long as Turkey continues to ignore occupation of Cyprus ter-° ritory”. It also backed the Soviet proposal for an international conference on Cyprus and said the establishment of a fact- finding committee by the UN, as proposed by the Cyprus gov- ernment, would be “a positive and concrete” step. ‘In a message to the heads of government of non-aligned countries, the conference referred to the declaration on Cy- prus adapted by the non-aligned summit in Havana, and ap- pealed “to offer their full backing to the Cyprus government's Proposals” to be put forward during the Assembly debate. The conference also catled for the demilitarisatian of Cy- prus “including the dismantling of the British bases”. ht} together with other officlats inspect the site which has been chosen for the planned airfield near Paphos. President Kyprianou pictured with the Soviet Ambas- sador Mr Sergei Astavin when he attended a reception at the Soviet Cultural Centre in Nicosia on the occasion of the62nd anniversary of the October revolution. . USSR opposed to partition The Soviet Ambas- sador, Mr Serge! Astav- in, declared. that the Soviet Union is op- posed to any form of partition tor Cyprus. Speaking at a gathering In Nicosia to mark the62nd anniver- sary of the Bolshevik revolution, Mr Astavin sald: “We stand reso- lutely In favour of maintaining the indep- endence, sovereignty and territorial Integrity of the Cyprus Repu- blic, and its non- aligned policy. “We are against any kind of partition for the Isiand affairs”. The Soviet envoy . sald a Cyprus settle- ment should be found within the framework of the UN, to the benef- it of both the Greek ‘Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, and added that the withdrawal of “all foreign troops” from Cyprus and the elimination of foreign bases would help an | Probe into - status of women The Council of Ministers has decided to set up a commit- tee to deal with matters con- cerning the status of women in Cyprus. Ameng ather things, the commlitea will try to esta- blish whether women are In a disadvantagaous position vis- a-vis men and then make rec- ommendations almed at removing possible discrimina- tion that may exist against women. The alm is to raise the women's standing in accor- dance with the “Decade of Woman” programme launched by the United Nations. : early and just settle- ment. .Mr Astavin reiter- ated the Soviet propo- sal for the convening of an international con- ference on Cyprus. Police ._ officer cashiered A disciplinary board ordered the dis- missal of a police offi- cer said to have been involved in the 1974 coup against the late President Makarios. He is Inspector _ Georghios Rattis who, the Prosecution claimed, had been a leading member of Eoka-B underground organisation. ‘After the coup, he went to Pa- phos and took over as * district police commis- sioner, removing po- lice officers that were loyal to the lawful Ma- karios regime, it was added. The sentence is subject to confirmation by the Interior Minister. The tribunal was. told that on July 23, 1974, Raftis. visited a police station at Yialia village, ordered a pic- ture of Makarios to be pulled down from the wall and smashed, and angrily asked: “You Still have that Castro of the Mediterranean up there?” The President of the Hause of Representatives Mr Alecos Michae- lides weicames British Labour member of parliament Mr Norman Atkinson who spent a week on the island as quast of the House. He also attended the international Denktash: no missin Turkish Cypriot tead- er Mr Rauf Denktash has repeated his assertion that there are no Greek Cypriot missing persons in the hands of the Turks, and has accused the Greek Cypriot side of be- ing the party which ob- structs the formation of an investigatory commi- tee to hold a probe into the matter. Greek Cypriot offi- cials dismissed the charge, pointing out that solidarity conference. there are g people the Greek Cypriot side has already appointed Attorney-General Mr Cri- ton Tornaritis as its re- presentative on the proposed committee, whereas the Turkish side has not, and this alone, they said, was delaying the establishment of the proposed committee. There are some 2,000 Greek Cypriots whose fate remains unknown since the 1974 Turkish in- vasion.