_ Londen {AP} ~ Someone has-been trying to burn down the Houses of Parilamant, 374 years after Guy Fawkes failed to biow up the place and every- body in it A security guard said that three small fires word started during the last three weeks in the two Houses, Lords and Commons, “and suddenly de- tectives were everywhere.” He said the fires, ina tele- phone kiosk and offices, were spotted by security patrols be- fore they spread and an attend. ant at the Commons was suspended after being ques- toned by police. Scotland Yard would not name the man nor say if any- one will be charged. Bonfires and fireworks were {it all over Britain last Monday on the annual com- memoration of the Gunpowder Plot of Nov. 5, 1605. Fawkes and his fellow Aoman Catholic consplratoors were folted ina plot to Kill the Protestant King James | and his ministers with barrels of gunpowder under Parilament.