Frequently Asked Questions

Copyrighted material – Intellectual Property

According to legislation, intellectual property laws safeguard the intellectual property rights (IPR) of intellectual works. Therefore, offers online free access to newspapers and printed material, older than 70 years.

Access to recent collections is available through terminals in our Research Centers, operating in various districts.


The search function is Solr based. Therefore, complex queries are supported in the search box, i.e.:

Archive – Results in items containing the word “Archive” or the stem of the word Archive, i.e. "Archiv"

Press AND Archive - Results in items containing both Press and Archive

Press OR Archive - Results in items containing either Press or Archive

"Press Archive"~4 – Searches for the keywords Press and Archive in proximity up to 4 words.

Archive AND (Press OR State) – searches for the keywords and results in items, if there are any, containing Archive and one of the keywords Press, State

The above can be used for Search/ Advanced Search, along with searching within the IIIF viewer (under the newspaper viewing pane). Please note that when using Search/ Advanced search, the query looks for the keywords in all the range of the item (all pages of an issue), whereas within IIIF it looks for the keywords per individual page.

Keywords are NOT case sensitive.

Kindly note that search results depend on the quality of original document and OCR results.

Search Examples
When searchin for a certain issue, i.e. Ελευθερία, 1940-10-29, you can perform the search with the following two methods:
•    On the home page, using “Browse by Date” select year and month and then filter the results, with the option on the left sidebar “Is part of” 
•    Using advanced search, in the field “Is part of” select “title” and right the full title of the issue (NEWSPAPER NAME, date in ISO format) you are looking for, i.e. Ελευθερία, 1940-10-29
If you wish to search using a query like “Cyprus and Economy” and enter in the general search you will notice that this query is also entered in the search box within the IIIF viewer (under the issue/article view pane). However, as mentioned above, general search looks for keywords within the whole range of pages, whereas the search box within IIIF viewer at page level. Therefore, if the keywords are found within the issue, but in different pages, they will appear in search results, but not in search results within the viewer. This allows to perform searches both at issue and page level. For searches using proximity of the keywords, you can use the following “Cyprus Economy”~10.

Optical Character Recognition - OCR
Users can view the OCR results, by selecting the OCR option on the top right corner of the IIIF viewer (applies only to articles).

The results depend on the digitization method, language, typography, material quality of the original resource and other variables. In recent newspapers and digitization batches, OCR quality is above 90%.

Published Dates – Available Dates
The effort of the Cyprus Press Archive and Press and Information Office’s personnel is to provide substantiated information. Therefore, each collection/ newspaper is described by 3 metadata date fields (using ISO format in order to be machine readable): 

Published between: in cases where the original issue/ volume is not available, the date is based on bibliography, other sources or projections. If there is someone holding information regarding published dates (i.e. the first issue of a newspaper not in our collections), kindly contact Cyprus Press Archive.

Available in Archive: It is the period available in the Press Archive in physical format (paper), microfilm, digital copies, and other. It is possible to have missing issues or periods within the range stated.

Digitized: It is the period digitized and available on